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How To Obtain a Bereavement Support Payment

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Updated on November 29, 2023
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Undoubtedly, death is the one event that finds everyone unprepared. No matter how aware we all are of the fact we come with an expiration date, thinking about our own death can be hard to deal with. However, that shouldn’t mean we don’t strive to leave our affairs in order as soon as possible to avoid causing any unnecessary trouble to our loved ones.

One way to do this is by ensuring you leave substantial money for your partner to use once you pass on. In the UK, this is known as a Bereavement Support Payment, and it is a benefit you can claim after the death of a family member. Here’s how to know if you qualify and the process behind claiming these funds.

How to Obtain Bereavement Support Payment
Bereavement Support Payments aim at helping the spouse to mourn peacefully without enduring money-related trauma and stress.

What Is Bereavement Support?

A bereavement support payment is money spouses of deceased UK citizens, or permanent residents can access after the contributor’s death. This money comes in handy when the surviving partner needs to move on with life but is solely dependent on the deceased spouse. However, aside from relieving the financial burden, the availability of this money also makes it easy for the bereaved spouse to mourn peacefully without enduring money-related trauma and stress.

Who Qualifies for a Bereavement Support Payment?

For a person to qualify for this money, they must be:

  • Living in the UK
  • The spouse or civil partner of a UK citizen or permanent resident
  • Below the state pension age at the insurer’s death
  • The spouse of a departed who have been saving with the national insurance for at least 25 weeks in one tax year anytime since 1975
  • The spouse of a deceased who died of a work-related accident or illness

How To Claim a Bereavement Support Payment

How do I claim bereavement benefits if my partner dies? Receiving bereavement benefits is not automatic. Beneficiaries have to apply to start receiving the monthly tokens. Eligible persons can apply online on the bereavement support website without creating an account. You only have to provide the required information and submit the request within less than 15 minutes.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the post office to mail your application to the same office. If all these options are unfamiliar to you, you can phone the department and make a request on call. You can find out the status of the application if you call the bereavement support service.

A video relay service is also available on the computer, phone, or tablet to persons who can’t speak or hear.

Deadline To Apply for a Bereavement Support Payment

To get the most benefits from this service, you must apply for bereavement payments at least three months after the death of your spouse. You can still apply up to 21 months after your partner’s death, but the bereavement grant will have been reduced significantly.

The Requirements and Documentation Needed

Regardless of your application option, you must produce the following documents when you claim the money to determine who is eligible for the funds:

What You Will Receive

There are two payment rates you are eligible to receive when you claim this money: the higher and lower rates. If you have kids below 20 years, you will get the higher rate that offers an initial payment of £3,500 and 18 monthly instalment payments of £350. If you don’t have children under this age, you’re not eligible for child benefits. Therefore, your stipend will be reduced to £2,500, and 18 monthly instalment payments of £100.

Once your application is approved, you will receive the money in your bank or building society bank account. These details must be provided during the application for a smooth transition. You should receive the lump sum payment within a few weeks of the application if there aren’t any hitches.

You can keep receiving other benefits alongside the bereavement grant if you are the next of kin of a person who was paying monthly insurance payments using their NIN for this purpose.

What If Your Application Gets Denied?

If your application is declined, you can appeal the decision using the available communication options. This move will create a channel for a new application or a review of the previous verdict.

What’s the Average Processing Time?

Unfortunately, applications take varying times to complete depending on the circumstances surrounding them. Therefore, you should use the official contact number to speak to the bereavement support team for accurate timings for your case.

In a Nutshell

The bereavement support payment allows grieving spouses to focus on healing from the loss instead of thinking about their next financial move. Visit the official government website and start the application three months after the death of your partner.

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