Every year, the UK welcomes millions of people who come with the intention of reuniting with their families, pursuing work opportunities, and furthering their studies. 

However, not everyone has the privilege to apply for a visa permit; many are forced to leave their home countries due to persecution and are looking for a safe haven to rebuild their lives.

No matter if you are a work immigrant or an asylum seeker, knowing your rights and obligations is key to integrate into the British society.  

Discover all about the process of asylum seeking, the paths to British citizenship, the available social aid for immigrants, and the diverse visa options for visiting, working, studying or joining family in the UK.

Stay informed and empowered with our comprehensive resources on immigration in the UK.


Are you new to the UK or thinking about making the move?
Find out here about the existing support for immigrants.

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Living in fear shouldn’t be an option. Find out here what you need to know to apply for asylum in the UK.

Other Help for Immigrants

Other help for immigrants

Discover what other help is available to immigrants in the UK.

Visas and & Residence Permits

Depending on the length and aim of your visit, you may need to apply for a different visa or residence permit. Learn more about it here. 

Other Help for Immigrants