With the recent rise in the cost of living, many families are struggling to make ends meet in the UK. Fortunately, there is support available to those in need.  

From Child Benefit to Child Tax Credit, there are a number of benefits, grants, and financial assistance you can claim if you look after children, adopt, or have a child. 

The aim of is to provide clear and correct information regarding the social and financial assistance available to families in the UK.


Learn about benefits, grants, tax credits, and other support you can claim for your family.
Check your eligibility and see how to apply today.

Some topics that might interest you

Family Leave and Grants

Family leave and grants

Read about Parental Leave, the Sure Start Maternity Grant, and other help you can claim as a parent.



Learn how the adoption process works in the UK. We’ll tell you what to expect and what help you can get if you decide to adopt a child inland or abroad.

Support for Disabled Children

SUpport for disabled children

Find out what help you can get if you have children who have an illness or disability.

Other Support for Families in the UK

other support for Families

Have you heard about Child Benefit? Explore this and other help available for families in the UK.