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The Prince’s Trust: Support for the Nation’s Youth 

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Published on June 19, 2024
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The Prince’s Trust was set up back in 1976 by the Prince of Wales, now His Majesty King Charles III. With a focus on empowering young people to rise above disadvantaged backgrounds, the trust has helped over a million young people find work and start their own businesses. 

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The Trust receives money via charitable activities and direct donations from businesses and private individuals.

What Is the Prince’s Trust?

The Prince’s Trust is a not-for-profit enterprise that can help young people with their education, employment, and entrepreneurial aspirations. From securing funding for a start-up to covering the costs of education while pursuing an apprenticeship, it provides help to those in need. It is also renowned for its approach to one-to-one mentorship and the positive impact that this can have on every young person who takes it up. 

How Does It Work?

Young people are encouraged to reach out for help at their convenience, all while being assured of a compassionate, non-judgemental helping hand. The Trust receives money via charitable activities and through direct donations from businesses and private individuals. The trust is not run for profit and is designed to give back to those from less advantaged backgrounds. 

How Could the Prince’s Trust Help You For Free?

The Prince’s Trust can help with education and employment prospects by providing access to a wide range of free courses. These will cover things such as: 

  • Basic numeracy and literacy skills for those who may have fallen behind in mainstream school, as well as more advanced skills, such as creative writing 
  • Confidence-boosting one-to-one mentorship that can provide direction, feedback, and even job interview preparation
  • Discovery courses that allow any eligible young person to explore industries as diverse as travel, tourism, manufacturing, health, and social care 

Does the Prince’s Trust Provide Funding?

Help is available in the form of non-repayable grants for those looking to further their education while working part-time. If you are working less than 16 hours a week and plan to study for up to 14 hours a week, you can receive a grant of anywhere from £10-£500. This can be used for: 

  • Paying for course materials and additional tutoring support 
  • The costs associated with sitting formal examinations 
  • Registration fees for a course detailed in an approved application 

Does the Prince’s Trust Support Young Entrepreneurs?

Other young people choose to start a business and explore the world of self-employment. In this case, the Prince’s Trust offers a Test My Business Idea Grant of £500 that must be spent and assessed within three months. The idea here is that any eligible young person from a disadvantaged background can get access to the seed funding needed to test an idea that others may otherwise take for granted. 

How Do You Apply to the Prince’s Trust?

The Prince’s Trust is designed to be highly accessible to young people who may not realise they have someone they can turn to. You can make a referral for someone you wish to help, or alternatively you can follow this simple three-step process: 

  • Step 1: Call free on 0800 842 842 any time between 9 am and 6 pm during the working week 
  • Step 2: Provide some standard background information such as your name, age, where you live, and what you would like to pursue 
  • Step 3: Review your options with a trained Prince’s Trust contact and discuss further with friends, family, teachers, or an existing employer if you wish 

Following this process will provide personalised and localised recommendations for mentoring, open days, and job hunting coaching. 

How Long Will a Prince’s Trust Application Take?

If you wish to follow the full process from beginning to end it will typically take three months. An induction phase is followed by an Explore Enterprise Course before a grant application for funding of up to £500 is made.

The Prince’s Trust Provides Help For Ages 16 to 30 

The trust exists to level the playing field by giving a leg up to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. It offers grants, free resources, mentorship, and opportunities to pursue education and employment that may not be possible otherwise. 


Can foreign nationals apply to the Prince’s Trust?

Yes, any foreign national can apply for help from the Prince’s Trust or to take up a volunteer position. However, you have to be resident in the UK to be eligible to apply, meaning it will typically be unavailable to those on a tourist visa or international students studying at a UK university. 

Can you ask the Prince’s Trust for a written reference?

Yes, although this is at the discretion of your Trust Contact and is not something they are obligated to provide. A written reference based on volunteer work can enhance your CV when applying for your first job. 

Will the Prince’s Trust close now King Charles has been coronated?

No, the Prince’s Trust will gradually transition to being called the King’s Trust. It is very much at the centre of the King’s vision for supporting young people in the UK for many more years to come.

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