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War Pension Scheme (WPS): How To Get Support as British Veterans

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Updated on August 13, 2023
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Wars and conflicts between countries are sadly a fact of life. The unfortunate consequence of war is that some soldiers become part of the casualty. The UK has a program called the War Pension Scheme (WPS) to help injured military personnel who served in the armed forces. In this article, we examine how ex-military people can make claims for any such unfortunate events.

War Pension Scheme
The UK War Pension Scheme is available to ex-military personnel unfortunate enough to become injured in war.

Who Qualifies for the War Pension Scheme?

The War Pension Scheme is available to veterans who are not currently in the UK’s armed forces and whose disabilities occurred before April 6th, 2005. For any injuries or disablement that occurred after April 6th, 2005, there is the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) to assist. 

What Are the Awards?

The War Pension Scheme (WPS) is awarded by Veterans UK, which is part of the UK’s Ministry Of Defence. The award is dependent on the severity of the disablement. WPS has two different payment schemes, they are:

  • The Gratuity. A lump one-off payment if the disablement is below 20%.
  • Pension Payment (called War Pension). Paid weekly/monthly for disabilities greater than 20%. (This is, of course, different from a pension plan civilians receive at retirement).

Some people wonder, “Is War Pension for life?” The answer is “Yes,” unless your condition improves.

Exceptions to the War Pension Scheme

Noise-related hearing loss with less than 20% overall disablement does not qualify for the gratuity or the pension plan. Anyone who can claim the War Pension Scheme (WPS) is not eligible for the Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP), which is a substitute for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Obtaining Advice

Information on how to proceed with the claim is possible from these two organisations:

They offer free impartial advice, and there is no need to seek out solicitors or other paid advocates. Many ex-military people have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). VWS and Cobseo will be able to advise on the rates for PTSD.

Paid Advice

Veterans can obtain professional representatives who charge for their services, but the costs will have to be met by the applicant. Some companies work on conditional fee agreements; charges are waived if there is an unsuccessful outcome. The fees are paid from the portion of the settlement from a winning claim.

Making a Claim

To claim the war pension UK, click the link to the government website. The stages in the claim involve:

  • Submission of the completed form
  • Acknowledgment receipt is sent by the Ministry Of Defence (MOD)
  • Review by a caseworker
  • Gathering of evidence from sources such as:
    • Self-assessment from the applicant
    • Report from GP
    • Medical assessment post-discharge
  • Reports from specialist consultants
  • Decision on the claim

You will be notified of the outcome after the case has been reviewed. This PDF explains in detail how the claim is processed.

Unsuccessful Applications

Unfortunately, some claims do not go in favour of the applicant. If a person feels Veterans UK may have been unaware of some vital information, the details should be relayed for a reappraisal. The case can also be taken to an independent tribunal for arbitration if a person is unhappy with the outcome.

Further Help and Allowances

Other help is also available for people who are claiming the WPS. This includes:

Further Allowances to Supplement the War pension payment are available to ensure there is no disregard towards military personnel from the past. It would include benefits such as:

  • Supplement for unemployability
  • Allowance for clothing
  • Supplements for mobility issues

Additional Medical Conditions

Suppose a person is experiencing further deterioration, which may have been caused or made more severe by their presence in the armed forces. In such scenarios, they can apply for additional medical conditions. This only applies to people already receiving a military pension payment. Guidance and application are possible through this UK government link.

Supporting War Veterans

Being part of the military and going to war is dangerous; the risk of becoming maimed and injured is a real possibility. For those people who served in the armed forces before April 2006 and were unlucky in combat, the War Pension Scheme (WPS) is at hand to provide assistance.

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